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Washrooms are a reflection of the whole establishment. Consumer confidence and positive brand recognition can swiftly be jeopardized in the event of a bacterial outbreak. Media scrutiny and consumer awareness regarding public health issues have increased the need for organizations to demonstrate “Good Cleaning Practices”. A Cleaning and Hygiene Audit can be conducted as part of “Good Cleaning Practice” or when there are issues related to Cleaning, Odour, Blockages, Wastages, etc.

We are proven specialists in cleaning management, cleanliness auditing and consultations, and are committed to improving cleanliness standards and auditing practices through continual evaluation. Each facility exists in its own context, and we assist every client in Cleaning Management System that meets their unique requirements.

As an independent auditor, we work in partnership with our clients to enhance cleanliness, accomplish visible savings, ensure accountability and encourage high staff morale. In so doing we hope to bring peace of mind to our clients.
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